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  • Glue and a Biscuit

    Introducing Glue Biscuit: A reference guide and library for building production quality AWS Glue jobs

    Here at Source Allies we have several teammates that have worked on several projects utilizing AWS Glue over the past few years. What all of these projects had in common was the need to overcome complexities of Glue and Apache Spark to make the jobs into high quality, maintainable software...
  • Woman writing on notebook and looking at charts on cell phone

    Glue ETL Development with Dev Endpoint Notebooks

    In this post I will go through a simple tutorial for using Dev Endpoints and notebooks for Glue ETL development. This tutorial will be intentionally basic, so that you can get an understanding of how dev endpoint notebooks can be useful for your ETL development without getting bogged down in...
  • Three pairs of hands at a desk with ipad, calculator, keyboard, and papers

    Our Approach to Data: Bridging the Gap Between Development and Analytics

    Data analytics unlocks the power of data to inform business decisions and streamline processes. Our forward-thinking approach combines development teams with analytics experts at the beginning of the software development lifecycle to make data analyzable from the start. This post is an excerpt from our latest Executive Overview: Analytics Synergy...
  • Medical professional holding samples

    Source Allies Takes on the WiDS 2020 Datathon

    Every year the Women in Data Science initiative (WiDS) provides a datathon open to teams with an interest in data science regardless of experience. WiDS defines a datathon as a “data-focused hackathon — given a dataset and a limited amount of time, participants are challenged to use their creativity and...
  • Tablet showing stock prices laying on table with pen and paper

    Analyzing Tesla Stock Volatility in R

    Reading news stories about Tesla feels like watching reality TV. Broken windows, lawsuits, and funny dancing are common to both. And just like reality TV affects those who are invested in the show (I’m looking at you, The Bachelorette fans), Tesla news stories affect those who have invested in the...