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Our partners benefit from engaging with our teams of highly vetted software engineers who own continuous delivery of their work product, lead by example, and teach others along the way.

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  • Building APIs to Connect Your Business

    PROBLEM: Our partner has an internal tool used by marketing for customers to purchase software. As business needs have changed, the amount of flexibility needed for new products and marketing initiatives has increased. The current application is built upon monolithic architecture, which prevents flexibility and the necessary agility to compete in today’s market.

    SOLUTION: Our team created a new application utilizing a microservice architecture to act as RESTful APIs. This design reduces code complexity, allows rapid changes, decreases response time, and provides a high level of reliability. With this new platform, the team was able to automate several manual processes, reduced errors, and allowed marketing to set up new incentives in minutes. We also added additional functionality that resulted in market penetration and increased sales.

    TECH STACK: AWS (ECS Fargate & Elasticsearch), Docker, React, Node.js, Java, RESTful APIs

We are dedicated to helping our partners grow and become more productive through creative and open technology solutions.

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