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Node Reference - Conclusion

08/02/2018 By Paul Rowe, Matt Vincent


This article builds on the prior article: The “Join” Problem.


In this series, we walked the reader through the considerations of building a production-ready microservice. More important than the tools we used (e.x. NodeJS, AWS) were the questions we asked. You may choose different tools and libraries for your applications, but it is important to understand why those tools are being chosen over alternatives.

Additionally, a focus on test covered quality code and simple design kept us focused on delivering value.

By quality, we mean not only quality in the traditional sense of working software, but also quality measured by how readable the code base is to future developers. Remember that when using infrastructure as code, it is just as important that the infrastructure be as simple and maintainable as the rest of the code base.

One of the most valuable advantages of building smaller, more focused pieces of software is that these pieces are naturally simpler and more consistent over time:

We believe the service built during this series has all the core pieces necessary to be production ready. This does not mean there isn’t room for improvement.
We have had countless conversations about whether we should discuss a particular topic or if it was overcomplicating things. Here are some additional topics that might be useful to explore or expand upon in your implementation:

We hope you found this series valuable. Again, we welcome feedback on the series. Because the series is only published online, it’s never too late to make an improvement to any of the articles. So please do share your ideas for improvement with the authors at nodereference@sourceallies.com.

If you would like to help your team in adopting any of the concepts, our consultancy provides coaching services, so feel free to contact us. If you’re an organization wanting their products built in the manner we’ve described, just ask; We offer full project teams to get the job done!

About the Authors

Paul Rowe studied computer science at Western Illinois University. He started working with Source Allies in 2007 and has over a decade of software development consulting experience in the Health Care and Agriculture markets. Paul is versed in a variety of Node.js, Java and AWS tech stacks. He experiments on GitHub here.
Matt Vincent studied industrial engineering at the University of Iowa. He founded Source Allies in 2002. Matt is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect & DevOps Engineer with a specialty certification in Big Data.

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