This headline is 3.5vw and is
designed to
be responsive.

The image above was created in a Photoshop template. The images for each header are created for responsive resizing at the follwing sizes: 2000px x 746px, 1200px x 448px; 992px x 370px, and 768px x 286px. The container is sized to remain at 400px height at all times.

Main Colors

#86c569 green
#1fb9eb blue
#fdaa4c orange

Secondary Colors

#1697a6 teal
#d3d3d3 grey

h1 strong header

h1 regular header

h2 strong header

h2 regular header

h3 strong text

h3 regular text

h4 strong text

h4 regular text

h5 strong text
h5 regular text

h6 strong text
h6 regular text