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Our Work

Our goal is to be an extension of your team and your ally for delivering high-quality software solutions. As an Iowa company with a strong work ethic, we take pride in earning and maintaining the trust of our partners.

Laptop showing the Aviva Customer Portal

Aviva – Agent and Customer Portal

Des Moines is the third largest insurance capital in the US. With that comes a great opportunity to work with insurance companies to improve their business. One project Source Allies helped develop was the Agent Portal. This application is a web portal through which Agents and their staff are able to do their everyday business with Aviva. Activities like writing new policies, keeping track of agent commissions and managing their agency staff were all made faster and more convenient through the new Agent Portal.

Included in this project was a Customer Portal which now allowed customers to access their information via the web. Customer’s convenience was improved by allowing them to check the details of their policies and make changes to policies in a convenient and secure manner, rather than calling on the phone. Reduction in phone calls and data entry of this information was a large business advantage.

Source Allies worked alongside Aviva IT to help plan and develop these portals. Because this was being converted from a Legacy system the idea was to figure out how best to design the web application in order to make the agent and customer experience easier and faster.

Ryko Solutions Inc.

Chances are you’ve used a Ryko product before if you’ve driven through a carwash. Ryko is the leading car wash manufacturer in North America and expanding into Canada. With this expansion, came a business problem. How do they update their outdated current system with an unbiased look at the best platforms and hardware for their very specialized type of business. Source Allies preformed an IT consulting role where over months we learned about their current system and technologies and presented a long-term hardware and software solution. This solution will to continue to give Ryko a competitive advantage in their line of business.

General Dynamics

How does a small Iowa company become the consulting arm for the redesign for the National Health System? Based on performance of prior projects, executives with GDIT decided to go with Source Allies instead of some well-known large IT consulting firms. GDIT was awarded the bid on a project for the National Health System of England to convert from a product called QMAS to a new health care rating and pay for performance system. This application is going to be used by all the doctors and 8,300 medical practices in England to distribute billions in incentive compensation across the country.

When GDIT was awarded the bid, they realized they would need high level software consultants to help deliver the end product. These resources needed to ramp up quickly and take ownership of deliverables for this large-scale project. Without this system, the National Health System would not be able to keep track of what nurses have the latest certifications, how many patients have been seen or the number of successes by procedure, all used in order to rate the providers. Source Allies was called in upon award of the bid to help with the architecture and programming of the system. We worked as a full service 12 person team to help develop and deploy this system as outlined components in the bid.

iPhone showing the Zone Beacon application

Zone Beacon

Ever watch HGTV? Well then, you may have seen our mobile application, Zone Beacon, featured. We developed this lighting control system to work with Centralight’s home lighting system. This app was designed to give users a way to control the lighting in their house in an easy, relatively inexpensive fashion. The application controls different zones in your house using an Iphone app that we developed. So, when you ask, do we do mobile solutions. Yes, we do.

Adventure Card Program

An Iowa staple in the summer, Adventureland Amusement Park, used Source Allies to build a gift card program for its customers. Prior to the Adventure Card, grandma and grandpa would have to send you a check for your birthday. They didn’t have an easy way to gift you the park for a day with enough money to buy food and play games throughout Adventureland. The gift card application allows customers to purchase reloadable cards that can be used like a credit card on anything in the parks. Source Allies developed this system in-house and supplies ongoing support and business consultation for Adventureland.

Some of our other great partners

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General Dyanmics
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