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  • mobile development in manufacturing

    Case Study: Leveraging APIs to Build a Mobile App for the Manufacturing Segment

    One of our partners, a large manufacturing company, identified a need to create a mobile application that would be utilized by their internal sales and support staff. They turned to Source Allies to build this mobile application for them not only to solve a pain point they were having but...
  • two developers working on mobile application

    Case Study: Mobile Development to Improve Global Farming

    DEFINING THE PROBLEM For farmers, planting seed can be a complex process entailing planning and forecasting. Many agriculture companies across the U.S. invest in technology with hopes of improving both the process and overall annual yield. Initiatives like this start with a comprehensive look at current processes and operations to...
  • industrial worker looking at schematic plans on his phone in a factory setting

    Case Study: Delivering Mobile Solutions at Your Fingertips

    DEFINING THE PROBLEM Our global industrial automation manufacturer needed a platform that allowed sales representatives and third-party technicians to view customer product details from their mobile devices. Sales reps/technicians were used to having to travel back to their office in order to access availability, pricing, and item history. As you...
  • Rows of beans in a field

    Building a Mobile App using John Deere's IoT APIs

    Each summer Source Allies offers an apprentice program to college students who want to develop their software development and consulting expertise. This summer’s team consisted of four returning apprentices – Alec, Jared, Max, and myself – as well as one new apprentice, Yousef. Project Each year the projects vary from...
  • Passengers riding on rollercoaster

    What Did You Do This Summer?

    As I head back to school at Northwestern this fall, I am sure I will hear, “What did you do this summer?” 100 times. My response will be “Well, let me tell you about my experience as an apprentice at Source Allies.” From day one, myself and four other apprentices...
  • Close-up of hand holding cell-phone

    Mobile Grails

    Background I was recently asked to throw together an application that would register and score a model car race. I went home and created a Grails app. Unfortunately this race will be held in a building that doesn’t have internet access. So I tried to keep my pages compact and...

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