AWS Success Stories


GuideOne was in the early stages of their transition to AWS when they turned to Source Allies to provide training and expertise. The Source Allies team facilitated an AWS Data Lab — working shoulder-to-shoulder with GuideOne engineers developing a prototype for their data foundation. The Source Allies team then built upon the data lab prototype, creating an API that captured raw JSON from an insurance workflow, curated that data into something that could be easily analyzed and used to generate reports. In addition to delivery, Source Allies created reusable patterns for future development and provided hands-on training for key client personnel.

Cloud Native Data Lake - Financial Services

Our Fortune 500 financial services customer wanted to transform their future actuarial community, re-engineer and automate manual workflows, and modernize technology tools to gain a competitive position in the market. Because the end-users consisted of the actuaries and resident data scientists, we began by understanding workflows and the existing analytics tooling already in use. We sought a balance in supporting existing tools (PowerBI, SAS) while introducing new cloud native tooling (Sagemaker Notebooks tied into the data sets). By meeting end users where they were at, while also offering access to new tooling, actuaries could adopt the new tooling at their own pace, leading to a higher adoption of the new data platform.

TMC Transportation

With thousands of tractor-trailers running coast to coast, TMC Transportation is one of North America's largest flatbed carriers. Source Allies is currently working with TMC Transportation to leverage AWS to build a data lake to enable advanced analytics. We're automating their pipeline to direct existing data into the lake and transform the data into clean analyzable sets.


The Garland Company, Inc. is one of the worldwide leaders of quality, high-performance roofing and building envelope solutions for the commercial, industrial and institutional markets. Source Allies provided an architecture review and collaborated with Garland to build out their first continuous integration and continuous deployment pipeline in AWS including account setup, security best practices and migration design.

Adventureland Resort

Adventureland Park is a 40-year-old amusement park providing fun for families in the midwest. This 183-acre family-owned amusement park features over 100 rides, shows, and attractions to over 600,000 visitors annually. Source Allies supports Adventureland Park’s mission through innovative Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud solutions and expertise to automate e-commerce & event ticketing, unify infrastructure segments, and offer a self-hosted cloud platform.

Seneca Tank

Seneca Tank is a family-owned and operated company, with the vision to be a full-service tank truck dealer offering product, sales, and service. Their mission is equipping tank and work truck operators to safely and efficiently grow their business. Source Allies supports Seneca’s mission through innovative Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud solutions and expertise by integrating a suite of applications with their ERP software and premises systems. We continue to release features for their manufacturing, service, sales, and accounting department allowing them to augment manufacturing processes allowing them to maintain their position as an industry leader.

Garland: Integrated APIs

Garland grew rapidly through various acquisitions resulting in application and data redundancy that created confusion for their end users. Source Allies integrated these systems by deploying a federated graph that connects all their existing APIs, resulting in one dedicated endpoint. AWS services used: AWS Lambda, AWS S3, AWS EC2, AWS ECS.

TMC: Annett Holdings

Source Allies, AWS and TMC are partnering on the Mobilize phase of Migrations to prepare TMC for a successful migration of on premises workloads to AWS. The workloads will land either directly on AWS or into VMWare Cloud for AWS. TMC’s IT experts are looking forward to building new skills and experiences leading up to this migration.