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Summer In Review 2021 - Amber

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Source Allies had many apprentices during Summer 2021! In this post, Amber will share their experience as a graphic design apprentice at Source Allies.

Amber Swinehart

Headshot of 2021 Apprentice, Amber

This summer apprenticeship with Source Allies was my first graphic design position since I graduated from DMACC May 2021. I am endlessly grateful for the opportunity that this apprenticeship has offered me and the learning experiences I was able to gain.

The first project I was put on was for the “welcome back to the office” signage with a monopoly theme. I created the posters as well as the hotel space signs. Another project I was a part of was the creation of the AgPoint marketing materials, banner and pamphlet.

Through collaboration with many teammates, I have learned a lot about how I communicate with others on projects and where my work style needs improvement. Overall, my apprenticeship with Source Allies has been a huge learning opportunity and really great real world experience.

I have really enjoyed the culture of Source Allies. All of the outings and food gatherings really make the team feel close and comfortable. The teammates I have spent time with have all been very personable. In addition to being friendly, I have found my coworkers to be open about their struggles, their achievements and everything in between. Source Allies really is like a family. At first I was a little taken aback as to how the company is structured, but now I can see that it really brings everyone’s true selves together in wanting to better the company and themselves instead of trying to climb a corporate ladder.

Moving forward, I had been recommended for a partner project with Ventech. I am currently working on their Learning & Development team to create online learning content. The work I do now is vastly different from the work I was doing before, but it only serves to increase my knowledge and skill as a designer. I am going to be attending Grandview University this Spring 2022 semester to start my work towards my bachelors in graphic design and a minor in fine arts. I hope to continue to work through Source Allies for many moons to come!

If you have enjoyed hearing about Amber’s experiences and think Source Allies may be a good fit for you, please do not hesitate to apply!