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Remember to Dream

Close up on a frog's eye showing the reflection of sky and trees.

One day this spring, I walked the dog and forgot my headphones. It was early April; muddy and cool. We generally go about three miles on trails by the creek near our home. The path was quiet, all I could hear was birdsong and water. As I began to daydream, I realized it was the first I had done so this year.

Last year was full of changes. In addition to working from home, my son began attending second grade virtually. He has class in my office, four feet from my desk. Also, I bought a pair of bone conduction headphones (would recommend!) for runs and walks. With these changes, I am no longer using my free time as I did before.

I used to have time every day to let my mind wander. Previously, I talked myself through upcoming meetings while commuting to work. Now my commute involves putting on my slippers and heading to my office. Previously, I rehashed the day’s activities while doing the dishes. Now I listen to podcasts on my new headphones while doing chores. Previously, I had space and time for quiet lunches at the office. Now lunch is a rush to get my son back to class on time. I missed daydreaming.

Make time for your dreams

Walking in the cool breeze that day, I appreciated taking a break. I now reserve a few hours a week to daydream. Instead of listening to podcasts, I imagine the future.

Make time for your dreams. Not to work on them, but to have them. Cast off the rigorous concentration of the workday. Let loose your imagination. Make time for your dreams.

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