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Allies Week

Teammates watching a presentation during Allies Week

Here at Source Allies, we took a whole week in January to consciously display the qualities that compose our core values and make us unique as a company; we called it “Allies Week”! We viewed this week as an opportunity to learn more about our teammates, collaborate across teams and connect with what it truly means to be a part of our organization. Each day celebrated a different aspect of our culture and gave everyone the freedom to participate! We challenge our teammates to continuously expand their influence and practice our core values of “be an owner”, “be an expert”, “be a teacher”, and “be a leader”. This week solidified what those values mean to each individual teammate.

Meetup Monday:

We were ecstatic to bring all of our teammates together under one roof. Everyone was free to work on their projects, while also bouncing ideas off of our other 100+ teammates. The excitement was felt throughout the building and the ideas generated will continue to make an impact over the next year. The laughter shared over breakfast pizza won’t soon be forgotten either!

Takeout Tuesday:

We inspired teammates to connect with someone they wouldn’t normally get a chance to talk with. We encouraged people to invite someone not on their team, someone they met at a user group or at their partner - it didn’t matter as long as they were forming a new bond! It was wonderful to see all the new friendships forming across Source Allies and beyond.

Wear It Wednesday:

It was the time for pride! The day was full of pictures of teammates decked out in Source Allies gear. Personalities were on display as teams joined together for some fun snaps.

Ted Talk Thursday:

Over lunch we hosted a lightning round of speakers. Each teammate got five minutes to present on a topic that interested them, ranging from ancient history, to how to form a habit, to the exposure triangle in photography! There was something for everyone to learn and enjoy.

Future Friday:

To close out the week, we set goals for the upcoming year! We all play a role in shaping our culture and making our vision possible by being models of our shared values at our partners and across Source Allies. We challenged all teammates to think of their own examples of how to put our core values into action for the upcoming year. Teammates were encouraged to make their goals public as a way to help spur ideas in others and hold each other accountable in completing these goals. Many people added objectives and tied them back to being an owner, a leader, an expert and a teacher.

The effects of Allies Week have been felt well beyond the week’s end. We are excited that teammates had the opportunity to connect within Source Allies and to our core values. We can’t wait for another round next year!

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