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Go Goal Crazy!

Notepad, pen, laptop, and letters spelling 'DREAM' all sitting on a desk

As we head into 2019, it’s time to start thinking about what we want to achieve in the new year, so let’s go goal crazy! Some people think that setting a goal is the easy part and the follow up to make it happen takes all of the effort. I have a different view - setting goals is where the time and effort go, if you do it correctly. Maximizing the satisfaction you get from each step along your way to achieving a goal is something that shouldn’t be underestimated. Let’s take a look at how to set up goals by comparing it to our approach to building software - by using an iteration mindset.

So, how should one go about setting goals? Well, you can’t just set out one day and say, “I’m going to get a master’s degree in a particular subject.” Similar to how we use an agile approach, you have to break it down into smaller and more attainable pieces to get the satisfaction out of your long-term goal. We all want instant gratification, and setting a large goal doesn’t give us anything close to that. However, by breaking down your goals into chunks that are attainable in shorter time spans (like iterations), you can get satisfaction every step of the way as you reach your goal, instead of a single time once the big goal is reached.

Start by spending some time mapping an “outline” of your goal and brainstorm all the steps it will take you to get there. Using my previous example, try setting small targets like: “find a graduate program I’m interested in,” “study for the GMAT,” “take the GMAT,” “apply to the graduate program,” and so on. With each smaller goal attained, your need to crush a goal gets satisfied while you’re on your way to your larger objective.

Now you may be asking: What does it look like to set goals in a flat organization like Source Allies? The beauty of it is that it is completely up to you! You can take your goals in any direction you want because there is no limit on your potential growth. If you want to learn AWS, great – make a goal to be certified. Do you want to become a better mentor? Awesome, reach out to the mentors that we have at Source Allies and grab lunch with them to learn more about how they share their knowledge. Have an itch to enhance your public speaking abilities? Give a presentation here at Source Allies!

At Source Allies, you can truly take the reins and drive your dreams in any direction you choose. No matter if you’re building software or setting a goal, we bring the agile methodology into everything we do. It all starts by breaking your goal down into attainable parts to help maintain your satisfaction over the process – no matter what!

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