Understanding the Value of Quality Engineering Throughout the Entire
Software Development Lifecycle

We empower our teams to own quality—we build our testing tools and techniques into the development process, ensuring consistent, high-quality output.

Our Approach

We are Champions of Quality

Our Quality Engineers are champions of quality, not gatekeepers. We maintain multiple perspectives: the user’s, the business's, the developer’s, and the tester’s. We advocate for quality and execute on implementation. When we develop, we’re forecasting strategy, risk, and potential improvements. We’re continually innovating and expanding our testing knowledge across the full stack: code, infrastructure, documentation, and processes.

We both "use the tools" and "write the tools," automating wherever we can. Testing is not a role, but rather an activity that great teams build into every step of their processes.

We believe the key to successful software development isn’t just finishing a project -- it’s delivering quality engineering throughout product development for maintainability and scalability.

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    A year ago I joined a team which made heavy use of the Java Reactor library for their pub-sub system. Reactor is a library for high-performance, parallel programming using a functional API. The code tends to look like this: Flux.from(p) .ofType(SubscribeToShardEvent.class) .flatMapIterable(SubscribeToShardEvent::records) .limitRate(1000) .buffer(25) .subscribe(e -> System.out.println("Record batch = "...

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