Machine Learning Solutions

At Source Allies, we specialize in combining the worlds of data science, cloud engineering, and test-driven development to deliver innovative machine learning solutions. Our team of "super-quant" player-coaches bring together a diverse set of skills, including data engineering, data pipelines, predictive analytics, MLOps, and cloud expertise to accelerate delivery and build products with a focus on future business insights. With a track record of success in this approach, we have a proven ability to break down the typical walls between disciplines and deliver results that drive business value. Whether you need to answer tomorrow's questions without redesign or simply want to improve your AI investments, our team of mentor-coach consultants and skilled hands-on builders is here to help.

Our Approach

Bridging Software Development & Machine Learning

Source Allies has intentionally built a set of skills that brings together the worlds of Data Engineering, Test-Driven Development (TDD), Cloud Architecture and Data Science.

We had a vision to combine the worlds of data science with cloud engineering. We saw data scientists on their own islands passing models over the wall to developers. Product teams needing insights from their wealth of data, unsure of where to start.

Our mission with your engagement is to combine the skills of data science, data analytics, and statistics with software development skills and best practices - TDD, data engineering, MLOps, cloud architecture. Incorporating the right skills into product teams, answering tomorrow’s questions without redesign.

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Partners benefit from our commitment to building these skill sets. Teammates learn from each other and teach others. We are mentors, coaches, and highly skilled builders who enjoy communicating with business stakeholders, engineers, and everyone between. We solve tough problems, uncover insights, and deliver elegant solutions.

Case Studies

Our ML Engineering teams have deep expertise in the following AWS ML Services

  • AWS Athena
  • AWS Glue DataBrew
  • AWS SageMaker
  • AWS SageMaker Studio Lab
  • AWS TensorFlow
  • AWS IoT Analytics
  • AWS IoT Core

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    When you hear about AI/ML your thoughts most likely go to the uses that have been grabbing headlines of late. You may think of writers using ChatGPT to write something (not this article) or asking DALL-E 2 to create an image, or Netflix using ML to determine what movies to suggest to you.

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