General Dynamics IT – Pay For Performance UK

How does a small Iowa company become the consulting arm for the redesign for the National Health System? Based on performance of prior projects, executives with GDIT decided to go with Source Allies instead of some well known large IT consulting firms. GDIT was awarded the bid on a project for the National Health System of England to convert from a product called QMAS to a new health care rating and pay for performance system. This application is going to be used by all the doctors and 8,300 medical practices in England to distribute billions in incentive compensation across the country.

When GDIT was awarded the bid they realized they would need high level software consultants to help deliver the end product. These resources needed to ramp up quickly and take ownership of deliverables for this large scale project. Without this system the National Health System would not be able to keep track of what nurses have the latest certifications, how many patients have been seen or the number of successes by procedure, all used in order to rate the providers. Source Allies was called in upon award of the bid to help with the architecture and programming of the system. We worked as a full service 12 person team to help develop and deploy this system as outlined components in the bid.