Des Moines is the third largest insurance capital in the US. With that comes a great opportunity to work with insurance companies to improve their business. One project Source Allies helped develop was the Agent Portal. This application is a web portal through which Agents and their staff are able to do their everyday business with Aviva. Activities like writing new policies, keeping track of agent commissions and managing their agency staff were all made faster and more convenient through the new Agent Portal.

Included in this project was a Customer Portal which now allowed customers to access their information via the web. Customer’s convenience was improved by allowing them to check the details of their policies and make changes to policies in a convenient and secure manner, rather than calling on the phone.  Reduction in phone calls and data entry of this information was a large business advantage.

Source Allies worked alongside Aviva IT to help plan and develop these portals. Because this was being converted from a Legacy system the idea was to figure out how best to design the web application in order to make the agent and customer experience easier and faster.